Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bieber Fever

For anyone who doesn't know, my kids are totally, completely, 100% OBSESSED with Biebs. They spend every waking (and some non-waking) hour of the day listening to Justin Bieber music. They love it all, they love the pop versions of the songs, they love the acoustic versions of the song, they love ANYthing Bieber. Recently, Jimmy Kimmel had Justin Bieber on his show and they surprised a three-year-old little girl named Cody with a visit from Justin Bieber. She, like my children, is completely obsessed with JB. She is obsessed to the point that she cries about him for no reason. If you click here you can see the video of that surprise visit. Well, as it turns out, Leyland (now 4 years old) likes to lie in my bed in the early morning before school and watch YouTube videos on my iPhone. She is a very smart little girl, and she knows how to find all of the JB videos. Anyway, early one morning Leyland found this Jimmy Kimmel video and EVERYday since then she has asked me "Mommy, when do I get to hug Justin Bieber?"... it's pretty much the saddest/cutest thing ever. Now, for the really funny part... Corey (now 2 years old), has also become OBSESSED with the Biebs. I would dare to say that Corey has Bieber Fever worse than Leyland. Corey would (and tries his hardest to) watch/listen to Justin Bieber ALLLLLL DAAAAAYYYY, and now at night too. For his entire life, Corey has listened to a lullaby CD that he got from the hospital at his birth. Since his introduction to Justin Bieber, he now REFUSES to sleep unless he has an endless loop of Justin Bieber music. Click here for a video of me trying to switch him to the radio instead of his JB. So, to bring this post to a close, if anyone knows Justin Bieber, please tell him that my children want HUGS!! :)

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